April 7 2019

The countdown for the Smile Clown Festival has begun!

The location chosen for the event is Naples and the cultural competition is aimed to clowns and professionals in the sector.

The aim of the competition is to reward the most beautiful artistic performances offered by the association's annual national gathering, which will include the most skilled and well known international trainers and performers.

The event was set up to highlight the figure of the clown, highlighting the technique, the emotional aspect and the ability to get in tune with the audience during his performance.

To whom the competition is open and how it is carried out.

The Competition is open to all adult clown actors of any nationality.

They must be authors and creators of their own number, which can be individual or a couple. There are three phases:
  • online selections, visualized by the artistic;
  • commission inside the Teniamoci per Mano ONLUS;
  • qualifications, to which 12 artists will be admitted to the qualifications, which will be announced on 31st January 2019 on the website www.smileclownfestival.it, on the FB page of the Festival and by email to the artist by Teniamoci per Mano ONLUS;
  • final, which will take place on 7 April 2019 in Piazza Dante, in Naples. It will be possible to present only a number not exceeding 15 minutes, relating to the theme of empathy, which is not a copy or imitation of existing shows.

Registration is open, free and online, but hurry up, because it will close on January 15, 2019!!

A truly unmissable event that promises lots of fun! For everything concerning the details of the admitted numbers, the place of the competition and its development, we invite you to consult the Smile Clown Festival Rules.
Do not hesitate: send your registration or come to the contest to cheer your favorite clown!

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