“Teniamoci per Mano Onlus” Clown Therapy Association organizes the first edition of the “Smile Clown Festival” artistic contest, a cultural competition dedicated to emerging clowns and professionals who will have to meet on April 7th in the magical land of smile: Naples.

The competition was born with the aim of enhancing and rewarding the most beautiful artistic performances at the final of the national gathering organized annually by the association with the participation of the greatest international trainers and performers.

Art. 1 – PURPOSE

The main objective of the establishment of the “Smile Clown Festival” is to enhance the art of the clown, highlighting not only the technique of the performance, but also the emotional aspect and the ability to get into connection with the audience, in order to highlight the importance of empathy through “playing”.

It has no commercial purpose, but the promotion of clowning through the involvement of artists involved in first person in the dissemination of both the artistic message and the Competition.


The Competition is open to all adult clown actors of any nationality, or single or two (hereinafter referred to as “the Artists”), who are authors and directors of their own Performances.

The voluntary clowns of the association or individuals with a criminal record can not take part in the competition.

The competition will take place in three phases: Online Selections, Qualifications and Final.

Following the online selections, 12 artists will be admitted to the Qualification phase according to the rules below that will participate in the final.


The performance to be submitted must be one and, under penalty of inadmissibility, it must meet the following standards:

– it must not exceed 15 minutes;

– it will have to follow the theme of the first edition: EMPATHY;

– it must to be original, which does not constitute a copy or imitation of other existing shows;

– it must not contain advertising messages in favor of third parties or messages damaging to third parties;

– be suitable for an audience that includes the participation of adults and children, therefore

must not contain obscene acts in a public place or related discriminatory behavior

to religious, sexual, racial orientation, etc.

The numbers presented can be published or not published. They may also have been the object

of theatrical contracts provided that the rights, for the purposes of participation in the Competition and their exercise, which follow the award of the Prizes, are in full availability of the Artists and they guarantee it.

If contracts exist in relation to the show presented in the Competition, Artists must obtain all the necessary authorizations from their own assignees (Producers / Co-Authors) in order to participate in the Competition, and the 12 Qualifiers will have to deliver suitable documentation to the Organizer.

It may also be unreported shows to Siae or another copyright collecting society.

In the event that all the conditions described in this article do not exist, the numbers will not be admitted to the Competition and therefore will be excluded, even if the lack of the expected conditions were verified later.


From 2018 November the 25th to 2019 January the 15th it will be possible submit the form of the “Smile Clown Festival” for free and only on the application form on the following website: (henceforth “the Site”) in the “Festival” section under “Sign up now!” or via e-mail.

The registration form will be active from 2018 November the 19th.


Registration is for free. To be admitted to the “Smile Clown Festival” selections you must:

– Complete the registration form in all its parts and send it using the appropriate form

present on the Website or send the material indicated below by email:

– artistic show card and two photos;

– technical sheet of the show;

– video material (max 15min.);

– Complete Curriculum Vitae;

– Self-declaration authorizing the processing and use of the image and the material sent. The material and documentation of registration will be used in compliance with the law of



Of all the participants admitted to the competition, 12 Artists for the Qualifications will be selected, according to the methods indicated below:

The Association of clown therapy “Teniamoci per Mano Onlus” (hereafter referred to as “the Organizer”), following the vision by its own internal artistic commission, will evaluate all the artists registered for the Competition and at its own unquestionable judgment, will select the 12 finalists who will perform on April 7th in Piazza Dante in Naples.

The Technical Jury, composed by personalities specialized in the sector chosen at the discretion of the Organizer, will express an evaluation of the Artists on the basis of the material received. The 12 Artists who, in this way, will get the maximum of preferences, will access to the final. The evaluation will be give on technique, originality, emotionality and quality of the performance.

During the final, the 12 artists will be evaluated by a technical jury of international artists and a jury of journalists who will award the critics’ prize to the best performance act. If among the 12 finalists voted there is an ex aequo, will take place an additional performance of max 10 minutes based on improvisation, which will assign the advantage point for the winning of the first edition of the festival.

The evaluation expressed in the various stages of the Competition by the artistic commission of Teniamoci per Mano Onlus by the technical jury and by the critical jury will be definitly unquestionable.


The list of the 12 artists selected for the final will be available from 2019 January the 31st on the website, on the facebook page of the festival and through a direct email sent by the organizer to the artist.

The artists selected, sending the technical sheet, must keep in mind that the association will take care to make available only the objects that it is able to provide the artist and will not be responsible for particularly elaborate requests.

The organization declines all responsibility for any damage to things or personal objects of the scene before, during and after the show.

In the event that a competitor can not, for any reason, present himself on the date for which he will be called, he will lose any right to participate.

Board and lodging are on the expense of the artist.

Art. 8 – THE FINAL

The order of performance of the 12 finalist artists will be at the discretion of the artistic director. In the afternoon of the final (on April 7th) the competitors can perform a short test from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.

The Organizer will provide the necessary backline for the final show, and the standard technical equipment.

The final will consist of a live performance of own personal number.

Travel and subsistence expenses, incurred for convening the final, will be charged to the artists. There are no other forms of reimbursement for participation in the final.


The votes of the final are delegated to the judgment of the technical jury and the jury of the critics: there will be 2 votes, one by the technical jury, the other by the jury of the critics who will award the aforementioned prize.

The technical jury will express its vote taking into account criteria such as: expressiveness, creativity, technique and stage presence. For each competitor, each juror must cast a vote from 1 to 5.

The jury of critics will express their vote taking into account criteria such as live impact, originality and interpretation of the theme.

For each competitor, each juror must cast a vote from 1 to 5.

The names of the jury will be known later on the website

Art. 10 – AWARDS

The finalists selected will perform in the final evening and the jury will decide the most deserving that will win the award of the first edition of the “Smile Clown Festival”. The prize consists of a cash contribution divided as follows:

– 1st Place: € 800.00

– 2nd place: € 400.00

– 3rd place: € 200.00

The following special prize is also foreseen:

Critics Award: an artist, among the finalists, will be awarded with a special mention to which a plaque will be awarded by journalists in the jury.


The date is 2019 April 7th in Piazza Dante in Naples. Further details will be communicated on the website starting from 2019 January 31st.


There is no kind of limitation inherent in the collecting society of copyright (SIAE, Soundreef, Itsright, etc.). Participants may already be bound by a theatrical or circus contract.


The participant assumes full responsibility for the originality of the presented number and fully relieves the Organizer from any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties or to the Organizer and / or its assignees due to false declarations regarding the authorship of the work o full availability of the necessary rights for participation in the Competition as well as related costs.

No advertising message must be included in the description of the artist. The links published in the artist’s card must be addresses connected exclusively to the artistic activity, specifically they must not convey commercial content such as the promotion of products and activities of their own or third parties or infringing the rights of third parties, under penalty of exclusion from the Competition and compensation for all caused damages.


The Organizer assumes no responsibility for problems of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty concerning the technical tools, the computer, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the telephone line that may prevent a participant or user from accessing the Website and therefore participating in the competition.

The Promoter does not assume any responsibility in case of non-delivery of the notice of winnings or prizes due to the indication of addresses (electronic or residency) or incorrect and / or untrue personal data by the winners and / or electronic errors or postal.

The participants assume any responsibility for false declarations made to the Organizer, including the alleged originality of the pieces presented and the full availability of the rights necessary for participation in the competition, expressly relieving the Organizer of any economic request addressed by third parties and related expenses.


Smile Clown Festival: the winner will be provided with the contacts of the festival referents in which he will be required to perform. No refunds or fees should be requested at the festival.

Art. 14 / B – Method of disbursement of the cash contribution for the “Smile Clown Festival” and the Critics Award.

The cash contribution will be paid by money transfer at the net of the withholding tax and it will be paid within 30 days by the end of the Festival and afterwards the Artist will have nothing more to claim from the Organizer in relation to the Competition.

Art. 15 – PRIVACY

The collection and use of personal data will be managed in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03, laying down provisions for the protection of privacy.


The members of the “Smile Clown Festival”

– authorize, free of charge, the Organizer to make the videos of the numbers available on the website, after the event;

– authorize, free of charge, the Organizer to record, resume, reproduce in any form and manner and by any means, communicate to the public and make available to the public, including by inserting them in their databases, television broadcasting, audiovisual, computer, radio, the event and its artistic performances within the event;

– authorize, free of charge, the Organizer and its assignees to use their name, “aka” and image for the purposes of promotion and completion of the Competition and of the activities carried out by the Organizer;

– authorize to insert their data in the Organizer’s lists, for the dispatch of their own informative material: at any moment the competitors will have access to their data, request the updating, the cancellation, the correction or the integration.

Participation in this Competition is subject to full acceptance of the Competition Rules and the Privacy Notice.

By registering for the Competition, the Artist declares that he has read and fully accepted all the articles included in this Regulation and in the Privacy Notice as well as being in full possession of all the rights necessary for participation.


The Organizer reserves the right to intervene on this regulation, making additions or changes that may be necessary for organizational purposes and functional to the success of the competition. Any change will be promptly communicated on the website in the section “The Regulations” and will be effective from the day following the publication.


The Organizer, as promoter, reserves the right to cancel the festival, if a quorum of registrations is not reached or the level of performance is not fully suitable. In case of cancellation of the event, the Organizer will not have to pay any expenses or reimbursement of expenses to members of any kind (flight booking, hotel reservations, cancellation of personal or artistic commitments, etc.).

Art. 19 – DISPUTES

In case of disputes concerning the validity, execution or interpretation of these Regulations and / or otherwise connected to the latter, the Court of Naples will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Art. 20 – EXCLUSION D.P.R. 10/26/01 n. 430

The initiative in question does not fall into the category “prize competitions” or “prize transactions” pursuant to the D.P.R. 10/26/01 n. 430 (Regulations for competitions and prize operations), art.6 (Exclusions): “The prize competitions for the production of literary, artistic and scientific works in which the awarding of the prize to the author is not considered as prize competitions and prize operations. The chosen work is in the nature of the performance of work or represents the recognition of personal merit or a title of encouragement in the interest of the community “.



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