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The main objective of setting up the ‘Smile Clown Festival’ is to enhance the art of clowning, highlighting the technique of the act, the emotional aspect, and the ability to empathize with the audience to highlight the importance of empathy through ‘play.’

Admitted Numbers

The number to be submitted must meet the following characteristics.

  • shall not exceed 10/12 minutes;
  • it must have technical requirements that allow for a rapid alternation of performances;
  • it must comply with the theme of the third edition: INCLUSION;
  • be original;
  • it must not contain obscene acts in a public place or discriminatory behavior relating to religious, sexual or racial orientation, etc.

At its sole discretion, the organization reserves the right to admit performances of longer duration, with a maximum tolerance of 5 minutes beyond the permitted length.

The performance will be interrupted if it extends beyond the communicated and agreed duration.

If all the conditions described in this article are not met, the acts will not be admitted to the Competition and will be excluded, even if it should turn out afterward that the conditions were not met.

Modalities of participation

The Competition is open to all clown actors over 18 years of age and of any nationality.

Volunteer clowns of the association “Teniamoci per mano Onlus” or individuals with a criminal record are not allowed to participate in the Competition.

The selected performers will be admitted to the Live Qualifications after the Online Selections.

Application procedure

Applying to take part in the online selections is free of charge.

This application can be made by e-mail:

To be admitted to the selections of the “Smile Clown Festival” it is necessary to send:

  • two photos;
  • artistic card of the show;
  • technical sheet;
  • Synopsis;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Self-declaration authorizing the processing and use of the image and material submitted.

The material and the entry documentation will be used in compliance with the Privacy Law that can be consulted at this link: Privacy Policy.

Online Selections and Qualifications

From all the entrants admitted to the Competition, the Artists will be selected for the Final.

The Association of Clowntherapy “Teniamoci per Mano Onlus,” following the viewing by its internal artistic commission, will evaluate all the artists enrolled in the Competition and, at its indisputable judgment, will select those qualified for participation.

The Technical Jury, composed of personalities specialized in the sector chosen at the Organiser’s discretion, will assess the Artists based on the material received. The Artists obtaining the highest number of preferences in this way will enter the qualifications. The evaluation will be made on technique, originality, emotionality, and performance quality.

Admission to the qualifications

The list of artists selected for the qualifiers will be announced on the website: on the festival’s FB page: Smile Clown Festival, and via an e-mail sent by the organizer to the artist.

When sending the technical form, the selected competitors must bear in mind that the Organisation will only provide the stage material that it can procure for the artist and will not be responsible for particularly elaborate requests.

The Organisation declines all responsibility for any damage to property or personal props before, during, and after the performance.

Should a contestant be unable, for whatever reason, to appear on the date for which they are called, they will forfeit any right to participate.

Travel and board costs are the responsibility of the artist.

The Organisation bears accommodation costs (Friday 14th and Saturday 15th for those who request it).

Reimbursement of expenses is also paid to the artists.


Depending on the number of selected performances, the Competition will occur over two evenings: Friday, the 15, with an initial live evaluation, and the winners will be able to perform on Saturday, the 16, for the final.


The final (Saturday 15 April at 17.30)
will consist of the live performance of one’s number.

During the final, the artists will be evaluated by a technical jury of international artists and a jury of journalists.

If there is a tie between the voted finalists, a performance of up to 8 minutes of improvisation will be required, awarding the winning point for the 3rd edition of the Festival.

The order in which the finalists perform will be at the discretion of the artistic direction.

Qualifying and Final votes

Voting is delegated to the technical jury, the jury of critics, and a jury of children.

For each contestant, each juror will have to cast a vote from 1 to 10.

The names of the jury will be announced later on the website and the Festival’s FB page: Smile Clown Festival.

The evaluation expressed by the artistic commission of Teniamoci per Mano Onlus by the technical jury and that of the critics will be unquestionable and unappealable.


The jury will award the most deserving acts the prizes of the 3rd edition of the ‘Smile Clown Festival’.

  • The first prize consists of a cash contribution of € 800,00.
  • The second prize consists of a cash contribution of € 300,00.
  • The third prize consists of a cash contribution of € 150.00.
  • There is also the ‘Antonio Orlando’ Special Prize: one artist, among the finalists, will be awarded a special mention.

The cash contribution will be paid by bank transfer net of withholding tax and will be disbursed within 30 days of the end of the Festival, after which the Artist will have no further claim on the Organiser in relation to the Competition.

Participation in the Gathering

Each artist has the opportunity to perform at the Association’s National Clowntherapy Gathering.

Dates and Venue

The Festival will take place in Naples in Piazza del Plebiscito, from 14 to 16 April 2023, as part of the 5th National Clowntherapy Meeting of the ‘Teniamoci per mano Onlus’ Association.


There is no inherent restriction on the collective management of copyrights. For example, participants may already be bound by a theatre or circus contract.

Competitor liability

The entrant assumes full responsibility for the originality of the entry submitted and fully indemnifies the Organiser against any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties or the Organiser and its assignees as a result of false declarations concerning the authorship of the work or the complete availability of the rights necessary for participation in the Competition as well as the related costs.

Organiser’s indemnity

The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any problems of access, impediment, malfunction, or difficulty relating to technical equipment, computer, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, or telephone line that may prevent a participant or user from accessing the Website and therefore participating in the Competition.

The Promoter accepts no responsibility in the event of non-delivery of the winning notification or prizes due to the provision of incorrect and untrue addresses (electronic or residential) or personal data by the winners and electronic or postal errors.

Participants assume all responsibility for false declarations made to the Organisation.

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the European General Regulation 679/16, we inform you that this site uses non-technical cookies, including third parties, taking into account your navigation choices, through profiling. Privacy Policy

Authorization of participants

The members of the “Smile Clown Festival” authorize, free of charge, the Organisation to make the videos of the numbers available on the Website after the event;

Authorize, free of charge, the Organization to record, film, reproduce in any form and manner and by any means, communicate to the public and make available to the public, including by entering them in its databases, broadcast on television, audiovisual, computer, radio, the event and its artistic performances within the event

authorize, free of charge, the Organisation and its assignees to use their name, pseudonym, and image to promote and carry out the Competition and the activities carried out by the Organisation;

Authorize the inclusion of their data in the Organisation’s lists for the dispatch of their information material: competitors may at any time have access to their data and request their update, cancellation, rectification, or integration.

Participation in this Competition is conditional on completely accepting the Competition Rules and Privacy Policy.

By registering for the Competition, the Artist declares that they have read and fully accept all the articles included in these Rules and Regulations and the Privacy Policy and that they are fully entitled to all the rights necessary for participation.

Amendments to the Rules

The Organisation reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations, making additions or changes as necessary for organizational reasons and the Competition’s success.
Any changes will be promptly communicated on the website in the “The Rules and Regulations” section and will take effect from the day following publication.

Cancellation Clause

The Organisation reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations, making additions or changes as necessary for organizational reasons and the Competition’s success.
Any changes will be promptly communicated on the website in the “The Rules and Regulations” section and will take effect from the day following publication.


In the event of disputes relating to the validity, execution, or interpretation of these Rules and otherwise connected in addition to that, the Court of Naples shall have exclusive jurisdiction.